General FAQ

Before decide to travel with is web marketing for PT Purima Wisata Nusantara tour and travel. The company establised at 2007 but before that we were guide for orangutan tour since 1995. As local and experienced tour operator, we are sure we can do more
First of all, we are happy if you found an article that we are not recommended orangutan tour company, it make you more critical about us. We are aware that not every client who have traveled with us was satisfied with our services, we would like to inform you that take orangutan tour mean you will go at the place with simple facilities but cost you alot. The field condition sometime force us to do unusual think that make them unhappy. On the other hand since 2007 until right now, we have been guiding for thousand even million customers, and we are glad only hear 1 or 2 of the unhappy with us
Yes, we have few website, but all our website has same company name, same office address, same phone number. Here our website list. :

Pre Booking

Send us your request by email and we will replay your request mail within 12 hours.
Take the flight to Pangkalan bun ( Main gateway to get the station ) There are several direct flight to pangkalan bun serve by several airline form Jakarta, Surabaya, Semarang, Banjarmasin, Pontianak. The connecting flight also available for departure from Bali or Yogyakarta or other starting departure. To find out flight schedule to Pangkalan bun please visit ( Indonesian web site, please use google translate ) or you can contact us for make flight or other transport arrangement
Yes, we are able to make individual program option. for few example program please visit our sister website : www.justvisitindonesia
Force Majour is something happened beyond of our control such us, natural disaster, Flight cancellation, Flight delay, extream weather, local riot.
Based on our experience we had all those force majour. when it happened we will reschedule your departure with or without additional charge as following
  • Smoke and haze from forest fire : reschedule the tour without additional charge. the information will inform in advance.
  • Flight cancellation or delay, we could arrange or reschedule the tour with additional charge
  • Other force majour is happened during the trip will be have additional charge

    Booking and Confirmation

    All confirmation booking will send via email, inside the confirmation is your detail personal information, Program, An invoice. Every booking has time limit
    Yes. to guaranty the departure.we will ask you to make deposit for the reservation is made in advance, and full payment for last minutes booking.
    Yes, we are able to book and issued the flight. The confirmation and the payment instruction will be sent by email
    Yes, You can modification your confirmed or paid booking with or without additional charge.
    Yes you can , No additional charge for Reschedule or cancel the booking before payment. The reschedule and cancelled the booking after payment could be have additional charge or cancellation fee. Please read carefully our booking term and and condition.


    We receive payment via international bank transfer and by credit card through Paypal
    Upon you get final confirmation, we ask you to pay required deposit for booking guaranty, and the full payment should be made at least 7 days before departure date
    You can pay on arrival at Pangkalan bun only for the Balance from the deposit you already made. The payment should by Indonesia Rupiah. or credit card and make before departure.

    Before Departure

    We highly suggest you bring : Good Mosquito repellent, Small Backpack (Trekking), Sunglasses / Hat, Suntan Lotion, Camera , Trekking Shoes/Socks, Light Raincoat, Towel & Mini Towel, Cotton Clothing, Flashlight / batteries, Small personal Medical
    Yes, Please ask to you doctor what the best malaria pill you should take. some branch of Malaria pill could have bad side affect.
    Yes, please inform us, we are happy to serve vegetarian food or other specific think that you could not have

    During the trip

    The boat is 17 m long and 2,5 m wide, divide in to upper deck with roof, inside deck use for the luggage and crew, engine and kitchen room, and toilet on the back side
    Upper deck has few functional, during the day for rest area, chair is provide, Meals is also served at upper deck, during the night for sleeping area
    We serve variety Indonesian type of food
    Yes, but we highly suggest always always lock the luggages
    Pangkalan Bun is one of the region where the alcoholic beverage is not allowed. but you can bring at your own with maximum allowed rules

    More information or Question ?!

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