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  • visit kalimantan indonesia borneo adventure tour

    Central Borneo
    Or Central Kalimantan, is adventure destination, boating to vist orangutan at Tanjung puting national park and dayak village, and many more to see

  • Visit java island, bororbudur, yogyakarta, jogja, jogjakarta, bromo sunrise, ijen creature, borobudur sunrise, prambanan, dieng plateu

    East Borneo
    East Kalimantan is the challeging adventure site, from enjoy house boating of mahakam to explore the forest of Kayan mentarang

  • Flores adventure, komodo tour, diving at komodo, bajawa culture, kalimutu colored lake

    South Borneo
    With Capital city of Banjarmasin where you could visit floating market, bamboo rafting and diamond mining is Borneo and Java adventure tour specialist. We enclose our website with tthe detail and update information for tourism destination specially for Borneo Orangutan tours at central kalimantan, Mahakam river tours at east kalimantan, Bamboo rafting and floating market at Banjarmasin south Kalimantan and many more, Including Jogjakarta sightseeing tour, borobudur temple and other temple heritages, bromo mountain and ijen creter tour. also working with other local operator to other interesting spot at other island which is have same mission such as komodo tour and flores surrounding. In the future we will try to look for the responsible local operator that we can put together in one reasonable service and reliable prices.

Borneo adventures, orangutan tours, mahakam river tours, floating market

Orangutan Tour tanjung puting national park

Borneo orangutan tour

Tanjung Puting orangutan tours holiday 3 days

Start from Kumai and broad to the boat up river to Camp leakey, Pondok Tanggui and Tanjung Harapan as part of Tanjung Puting National Park. Observing proboscis monkey, birds along the river. orangutan feeding time is highlight program.

Borneo orangutan and Dayak adventures

borneo dayak culture adventures

Orangutan and Dayak adventures 5 days

This program designed to fullfill about part of Kalimantan Dayak culture and daily live, Beside enjoy orangutan tour activities your will be taket to see culture side of Borneo, stay at their long house, go to their rise field, and enjoy welcome dance.

Mahakam dayak river safari

dayak mahakam river safari

Houseboating to Mahakam

House boating up mahakam river to enjoy dayak culture and daily life , observe wildlife including fresh water dolphin and black orchid

Magical east kalimantan adventures

wehea national park


Visiting East Kalimantan no complate without taking this program, combination relax house boating to chalenging adventure of kutai and wehea rainforest, at the end enjoy diving at borneo

Derawan, sangalaki, kakaban, maratoa diving

diving at derawan, sangalaki, kakaban

Borneo diving.

Wonderful diving and snorkeling spot at borneo including visiting Derawan itself, Kakaban, Sangalaki, Maratoa. Explore underwater wildlife around Borneo sea

Floating market and bamboo rafting Banjarmasin

banjarmasin bamboo rafting and floating market

Floating market and bamboo rafting.

Borneo traditional floating market at lok baitan, visiting diamond mining and market at martapura and continuing by enjoy traditional bamboo rafting.

Exotic Jogja and bromo sunrise

Java overland, jogja bromo ijen

Jogja and Bromo tour.

Wonderful jogjakarta and central java sighseeing, borobudur temple, prambanan temple, jogjakarta culture such as jogja palace, malioboro. combination with enjoy bromo moutain and ijen creature. java overland

komodo dragon tour flores

visit komodo dragon at flores

Visit Komodo Dragon flores.

Visit endangered species on the world, Komodo dragon at florest island. Enjoy boating along beautiful sea to komodo island. Snorkeling or diving is part of the tour becide involved directly with local peoples of bejawa or wairebo.